Monday, November 24, 2014

Disney World 2014

Another fabulous Disney vacation is complete!  We enjoyed our family time together at the happiest place on earth for sure.  I now present our trip in pictures:

Getting Charlotte to smile with the rest of us is nearly impossible.  She is the best at frowny faces.

First ride was Charlotte's pick - the Cinderella's Carousel.

And we had to do Dumbo of course!!

So thrilled to see Mickey and Minnie!  While big sister rode on Mt. Everett 4 times in a row!

Fun time being silly and snuggling with Grammy.

Cracks me up - Charlotte looking all kind of cheesy at the flights of wonder show.  Right before a huge hawk flew over Addy's head!

It was great to be back for the holiday decorations.  We enjoyed every moment at the Osborne Lights.  Charlotte was a little unsure of the loud music at first but warmed up to the awesome light show.

Snow coming down, holiday songs, dancing in the streets, dancing lights - it is the most magical experience.

Love, love, love the time with these two very special girls.

About two days in she found the horn on the scooter.

Chilling with some TV in our bedroom.

Taking the boat to downtown disney for some dinner and fun.

 We got in quite a few rounds of mini-golf this trip.  Charlotte did really well on the course.

It was great to go back to Hogworts again!

Just spectacular to see rising in the sky.

Finished our first universal day with a trip to Margaritaville!  Yum!

She loved the playgrounds at each of the parks - no surprise there.

And we all rank the water park up there as some of our most fun times.

About to go on Tower of Terror!

Makes me smile every time.

Charlotte didn't like the sing along - but I thought it was a blast.  Belting out the songs at the top of our lungs with 500 other people.  It was awesome.

We spent a morning in Celebration enjoying the water front and fall leaves.

And of course did some jumping:

Then there was the REALLY cold day!

We got to see the new Harry Potter park at the other universal park - highlight of the trip of me.  Diagon Alley was AMAZING!!

The new ride Escape from Gringotts was fantastic and the queue line was ridiculous.   Check out the goblins and the newspapers had the moving images just like in the books and movies.

Literally - this huge dragon breathed fire every 15-20 minutes.  A huge ball of fire.  It was so cool.

Arts and crafts at the resort one night.

Pirate mini-golf on our very last day.

And one sleepy kid headed back from the airport.